We offer high performance solar water heating solutions. The solar water heaters are the most practical way of healthy hot water production with enamel coated tanks.  These solar water heaters heat water rapidly and store without heat losses all night. They have an electrical booster element which operates automatically if water temperature goes down in the tank at any cold winter night.  Some of the benefits of our hot water solutions include:


  • Developed in hi-tech design, it has a perfect efficiency and long durability.
  • All riser tubes and manifolds are made of copper to avoid any corrosion or clogging risk.
  • Low iron security glass gives a high transmissibility of solar radiations to the collector. The glass is tempered to prevent any breakage risk.
  • The close circuit system are an improvement for indirect heating by double tanks protecting the system from calcium, calker etc. in hard water regions.
  • They have polyurethane insulated collector; a direct-injected, high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation in the collector.
  • The special water spreading design prevents cold water from sudden mixing with hot water.

Diagram Showing How Solar Thermo-system works


Flat Plate System

Heat Pipe System

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