• Power backup systems are designed to automatically and instantly provide uninterrupted power to electrically dependent devices in case of power failures for a period ranging from minutes to several hours. This depends on the system size.

      The system components include:
      • battery bank made of AGM deep maintenance free batteries,
      • Inverter Chargers (Pure Sinewave inverters),
      • Automatic Voltage Switch (AVS)
      • Change over switch

      The system is set to automatically set ON if there is power outage within the building that one is residing.

      The system will operate within specified time limit according to the needs of the client. The need can always be determined by how long the power goes off and the total load of the items being backed up by the client.

      These systems are characterised by quiet mode of operation that limits the client from a lot of noise during operation, hence, giving the client a better option of a back-up system.

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